DaddyBear™ is honored that you have taken a few moments to explore our website. DaddyBear Bodywork Company™ is raising the bar for male massage and spa treatments. 

Although we specialize in massage for men, 

we gladly accept and serve female customers. 

With a DaddyBear™ session, you can expect the very best in quality, technique, and professionalism. We recognize, promote and support healthy therapeutic touch between men. Although our services are not sexual, we believe touch between men is important. We strive to achieve that by providing professional massage and spa services in a relaxed atmosphere by a credentialed and seasoned provider. 

Come relax with us and feel the strength of DaddyBear Touch™. 

We invite you to take a moment to review our exclusive menu of services, and also some of the comments left by our clients who have graciously shared their DaddyBear™ experience. 

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San Diego

Massage Therapy in San Diego

San Diego is the home base for DaddyBear Bodywork Company , centrally located downtown in the Cortez Hill neighborhood just blocks from Gaslamp, Little Italy, Balboa Park, and East Village.  Both In calls and Out calls offered.

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Los Angeles

Male Massage Los Angeles

DaddyBear  visits LA every two weeks and by special request. 

Both In calls and Out calls offered.

In calls centrally located at the Shelter Hotel in Korea Town. 


September 03-04, 2018

September 15-16, 2018

September 29-30, 2018

October 14-15, 2018

October 27-28, 2018

November 11-12, 2018

November 24-25, 2018

December 09-10, 2018

December 22-23, 2018

Palm Springs

Male Massage Therapist, Masseur, Massage Therapy Palm Springs

Where it all began, 

DaddyBear  returns to Palm Springs for new clients as well as his faithful long-time clients in the desert once per month and upon special request. 

Both In calls and Out calls offered

In calls  located downtown 

Palm Springs. 


September 1-2, 2018

October 6-7, 2018

HAPPY PS PRIDE! November 3-4

December 1-2, 2018

Have You Had DaddyBear Pawz™ On You?

Bodywork/Spa Services

 At DaddyBear Bodywork Company™, we cater to massage for men, offering a complete menu of exclusive massage and day spa treatments, If you are looking for a male Massage Therapist or Masseur that understands the male body and its therapeutic needs, look no further. DaddyBear™ will tailor the massage just for you, using perfect pressure to address your aches and pains. Our massages include a combination of  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Sports, and Reflexology, Please see our menu for our complete list of treatments that are both therapeutic and relaxing.  Whether you require an In Call or an Out Call, we currently provide services in beautiful San Diego, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. Schedule an appointment now through our online scheduler to have DaddyBear Pawz™ on you?  We look forward to the opportunity to provide service for you. 

DaddyBear Adventure Massage™

Looking for a massage in your most favorite surroundings? DaddyBear™  loves the outdoors (naturally)!! Whether it be on the family yacht, in the desert, on the beach, or in the cool mountain air, DaddyBear™ will work with you to accommodate your massage in your most zen location. 

Rates and details TBD. 

NEW!! DaddyBear CBD Massage™

CBD Massage San Diego Los Angeles Palm Springs

Keeping with the mission to promote holistic health through positive energy, healing touch, and nature's medicine, DaddyBear™ has added to his massage treatments a topical composed of menthol and a full spectrum hemp oil. This hemp oil contains relevant cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, including a significant amount of naturally occurring CBD acids, that serves both as a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment.  An important distinction to recognize, the product used and sold by DaddyBear™ is derived from hemp and does not have psychotropic affects on the body associated with THC. 

The combination of CBD, Menthol, and Massage is already providing amazing results to DaddyBear™  customers. Schedule your appointment today to experience the relief of a DaddyBear CBD Massage™ .  

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DaddyBear Store

Visit our DaddyBear Store to purchase DaddyBear products, Pre-pay for services, purchase a DaddyBear Membership or a Gift Certificate 

DaddyBear Gift Certificate™

Give that special person the gift of positive energy, healing touch, and nature's medicine with a DaddyBear Gift Certificate™. 

Available in increments of $25, minimum $100

Membership and Discounts

DaddyBear Bodywork Society™

  • Become an honored member of the DaddyBear Bodywork Society™, and receive exclusive privileges and treats offered only to its members..
  • $100 Annual purchase- calendar date
  • Members are entitled to 25% discount for all Bodywork and Spa treatments
  • Surprise DaddyBear™ Treats throughout the year
  • Not eligible for combination with other discounts

BearDucation™ Special

DaddyBear™ supports those pursuing higher education, and understands how stressful school can be. A DaddyBear™ massage will relax the mind and body allowing better concentration and ultimately better academic performance.

  • Full-time student with school ID receive a BearBody Massage™
  • $25 for 60 minutes
  • $50 for 90 minutes

Active Military Discount

DaddyBear extends appreciation to our service members serving and protecting us all. We honor them with a 25% discount on all Spa and Bodywork treatments. Thank You for your service!

Learn More About Massage and Bodywork


Acupressure - Acupressure uses pressure in points of energy flow.  Pressure at these points is supposed to balance energy in the body (Chi).  The points are very close to acupuncture points and in reality probably are the same points.  

Aromatherapy - An aromatherapy massage involves incorporating scents from plants (essential oils) into the massage.  Different scents are supposed to trigger different areas of the brain to allow healing of various conditions.  Most of these conditions are psychological.  Certain scents relieve anxiety, some relieve depression, and others have a calming effect.  So basically, they all are supposed to elevate mood (just different kinds of mood).  Some people have claimed that certain essential oils will help with certain medical conditions.  

Chair - This form of massage is performed with the client sitting in a massage chair.  The client is fully clothed and massage techniques that don't require massage oil or lotion are used. This type of massage is less effective than a traditional massage, but is very convenient in the workplace to relieve stress and increase the productivity of employees, as well as their health.  

Craniosacral - Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) bathes the brain and spinal cord, much the same way that blood bathes the other tissues of the body. Craniosacral practitioners believe that the CSF creates a "pulse" like blood does in the arteries. This pulse can be felt by placing the hands on the head.  Disease can be diagnosed through the quality of the pulse and the dysfunction can be corrected by manipulating the plates of the skull. 

Deep tissue - A deep tissue massage simply means the therapist is massaging deeply into the tissues of the body. 

Energy Work - The client passes spiritual or psychic energy, usually from the universe, into the client. Alternatively, energy in the client is balanced by the therapist. 

Esalen - This modality involves long, nurturing strokes along the entire length of the body.  At the Esalen institute, where this modality was initially developed, both the student receiving the massage and the student giving the massage were naked.  

Feldenkrais - Exercises that encourage awareness of movement and how that movement makes the body feel.  

Full body - A full body massage is nothing more than massaging the entire body.  Many therapists leave parts of the body out, such as the buttocks, face, scalp, chest or abdomen.  The effects of a full body massage will last much longer than a partial massage. This is because, in a partial massage, the tension in the part of the body that wasn't massaged will work its way into the parts of the body that were massaged.  A full body massage does not include massage of the genitals and usually not the breasts.  

Hot stone - The stones are placed on the client’s body at critical energetic points.  Some practitioners also use the stones to massage the client with, others simply place the stones and massage with their hands. 

Lomi Lomi - Lomi Lomi means rub rub and originated in Hawaii.  The therapists use their forearms to glide over the body with long flowing, quick strokes. 

Lymph - Lymphatic drainage is used to decrease edema (Tissue fluid) and has the side effect of improving the immune system. The therapist glides along path of the lymphatic vessels to return tissue fluid to the heart.  Excess tissue fluid accumulates with various conditions, such as congestive heart failure (CHF)   

Muscle energy - In this modality, the client uses a percent of his/her strength to resist the actions of the therapist. He or She then relaxes the muscle to allow the therapist to stretch the muscle.  This is usually done three consecutive times, followed by the client contracting the antagonist (opposite muscle). 

Myofascial release - This modality involves the therapist turning or pressing the fascia (connective tissue that covers muscle) in a direction that causes the therapist to feel either increases or decreases resistance.  Ironically, either direction may work. If the direction that increases resistance doesn't work, the therapists will try the other direction and vice versa. 

Neuromuscular - A neuromuscular massage involves the therapist using postural assessment, muscle testing, exercise and stretching to balance the nervous system.  This system is widely accepted by western medical doctors.  

Oriental - An oriental massage isn't a specific modality, but rather a philosophy of massage.  Therapists who do an oriental massage work at balancing the meridians of the body and use eastern philosophy in their body work. 

Orthobionomy - This modality uses positioning of the body in the position of ease to release trigger points. This can be thought of as the opposite of stretching the affected muscle.  

Polarity - Polarity involves balancing the positive and negative forces in the body (yin and yang) by holding various points on the body and passing energy through these points.  

Reflexology (foot) - A reflexology massage involves the therapist massaging various areas of the feet to promote health in various areas of the body. In general, the big toe represents the top part of the body (the head), the bottom of the heal represents the lower part of the body and the middle part of the foot represents the middle parts of the body.  

Reiki - Reiki is an energy modality that doesn't involve touch. The Reiki practitioner summons energy from the universe to heal or improve the health of their client. Reiki practitioners improve their ability to heal by receiving Reiki treatments from a Reiki practitioner who is at a higher level. Once they have received enough Reiki treatment by higher level practitioner they become a Reiki master.  

Sensual - A sensual massage is a massage that is pleasing to the senses.  Since people who offer sexual services can't legally advertise sexual massage, they often use the word sensual.  

Shiatsu - Shiatsu means finger pressure and is a Japanese form of acupressure.  A Shiatsu treatment involves balancing the meridians of the body by pressing and holding certain points for 2 to 3 minutes each.  Meridians are energy channels through which chi (energy) flows through the body. 

Sports - A sports massage isn't very strictly defined.  Any modality that works well for an athlete will work well for someone who's not an athlete.  The techniques used in sports massage are the techniques that work well on someone who has just performed an athletic event.  Also, it can be techniques used to prepare a person for activity before an event.  One example of a sports massage technique is a boxer getting his arm shaken by his trainer in between rounds.  A sports massage uses many of the same techniques as Swedish massage, except that the person is dressed and no oil or lotion is used.  Many people request a sports massage, because they think it will help them become athletic.  This is false. Most modalities of massage help with fitness as much or more than sports massage, especially Swedish. 

Swedish - A Swedish massage is what most people think of when they think of a massage. It's a true massage.  It involves the Massage Therapist actually rubbing (massaging) the clients body.  Many modalities of massage don't involve massaging the body and some modalities of massage don't even involve touching the body.  There are four strokes in Swedish massage: effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement. Effleurage is the long flowing strokes, petrissage is the kneading strokes, friction is used to generate heat and bring blood to the surface, and tapotement is the hitting type strokes. The aim of a Swedish massage is to relax the tissues of the body, relieve stress and improve circulation. Most all Massage Therapists incorporate deep tissue work where needed, with their Swedish massage. 

Tandem - A tandem massage is two Massage Therapists massaging one client at the same time. 

Tantric - A Tantric massage usually involves sacred sexuality and was brought to the United States from India.  Tantra doesn't always involve the expression of sexuality (sexual activity), but usually involves sexuality indirectly.  

Thai - A Thai massage involves a lot of stretching of muscles and balancing the positive and negative energies in the body (Yin & Yang). 

Therapeutic touch - Therapeutic touch, ironically, doesn't involve touch.  Practitioners place their hands over the client’s body, just above the skin. They then feel for areas of warmth and cold, pushing the areas of warmth into the areas of cold. 

Trigger point - A Trigger point is an area of muscle tissue that is hypercontracted (a knot).  The therapist pushes on this point to relax the entire muscle. Trigger point therapy is never done without massage, or shouldn't be. 

Tui na - A tui na massage stimulates points on the body that correspond to acupuncture points.  The therapist primarily uses the back of the hand to quickly roll back and forth over these points. Other techniques are very similar to western massage, see Swedish massage.   


Some of the Many Benefits of Massage

Reduces stress and depression · Enhances blood circulation · Decreases pain · Improves sleep · Reduces swelling · Enhances relaxation · Reduced level of anxiety · Increases oxygen capacity of the blood · Increases Hyperemia (dilation of blood vessels) · Reduces Ischemia (decrease blood supply to organ or tissue) · Blood pressure temporarily decreased  · Decreases heart rate · Decreases respirations · Increase immune system · Improves appearance of skin · Helps reduce scar tissue · Stimulate or soothe the nerves · Release of endorphins (natural pain killer) · Stretches and broadens tissue · Helps decrease stress and depression · Relieves muscle tension · Increase oxygen and nutrients · Reduce muscle fatigue · Helps keep muscles flexible · Temporarily alters the shape of cellulite · Helps posture · Loosens phlegm · Increase output · Helps reduce the chance of a urinary tract infection · Helps most headaches · Helps over-use injuries · Helps strains and sprains · Helps nerve entrapment · Decreases gas build up · Helps with constipation · Helps digestion · Removes build up of metabolic waste · Greater ability to monitor stress signals · Increased awareness of the mind-body connection · Enhanced self-image · Greater ease of emotional expression · Satisfying the need for caring and nurturing touch · Increased capacity for clearer thinking · And many more…  

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