DaddyBear Home Health Care

Nursing Services Division

Welcome to the Nursing Services Division of DaddyBear Bodywork Company. We currently provide private duty home health services and palliative care in the greater San Diego area for Private pay clients. In addition to these services we provide Travel Companion and Respite Care services wherever needed. 

Regardless of your situation, you will find our nursing services to be professional, personable, relaxed, and accommodating as we discuss and administer your custom plan of care. We specialize in men's health and women's heath, and take pride in being a safe place and provider for transgender persons.


Home Health and Palliative Care

Our services include, personal Case Management, Patient/Family Advocacy, Wound Care, IV Fluid and medication administration, Specimen/Blood Collection, Medication Management, Glucose monitoring, Blood Pressure Monitoring and Physical assessments, Foot Care, and Massage/Spa Treatments.  

Travel Companion

Travel Companion services are available for those who still have the passion for travel, but find themselves needing some personal assistance to do so. Contracts are negotiated on individual basis to provide you with that needed nursing assistance on your trip.

Whether it be a weekend family event, a short trip out of state, nursing assistance with a loved one or partner, or that bucket list cruise around the world, our bags are packed and ready to accommodate your needs on the road, air, or sea.

Respite Care

You provide care to your loved one faithfully every day, but everyone needs time for themselves to keep healthy. If you need to be away for the evening, several days, or longer, we are available to come to your relief wherever we are needed. 

Free Consultation

Contact us today for a free consultation or to just begin exploring ideas for the future. We look forward to the opportunity to provide services to you and/or your loved one. 

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